Introducing the CamELS Project

This is the blog for CamELS, the “Cambridge Electronic Labnotebook with Southampton” project.  

The main goals of this project are:

  • To increase the use of the electronic lab notebook in the Chemistry Department at the University of Cambridge
  • To pilot the use of the ELN with in the Chemistry Department at University of Southampton
  • To learn the best ways of increasing uptake by encouraging research scientists to change their working practices
  • To gain insight into differences in working practices between university departments
  • To learn issues that arise when accessing an ELN remotely
  • Disseminate the learnings across the community

The ELN used is the E-WorkBook which was developed by IDBS who are based in Guildford in the UK (

The project is funded by JISC, and is six months long, starting in February 2012.  The principal investigator for the project is Dr Tim Dickens (Cambridge), with Prof. Richard Whitby (Southampton) as co-investigator.  Other members of the project team are Dr Gill Cooper, Dr Frank Lee, and Dr Brian Brooks.


About cameln

This is the blog for the CamELS Project - "Cambridge Electronic Labnotebook with Southampton". The project is working on the electronic lab notebook in the Department of Chemistry at the Universities of Cambridge and Southampton.
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